Augustiner Bräu München - Historie

1924 the Augustiner hermits founded a monastery on the Haberfeld outside Munich. At the beginning of the 14th century they also founded and constructed a brewery, which was to become essential for the economic wellbeing of the monks.
In 1328, the name of the brewery was documented for the first time.
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For some time Munich even became the residency for the Emperor Ludwig IV, “The Bavarian“. It was the first city of residence in the German Empire in which the Emperor resided for a long period of his rule.

Until the completion of the Catherdral in 1494, the church of the Augustiner monastery had remained the largest ecclesiastical building in Munich.
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In the same year, Hans Sachs, Nuremberg´s shoemaker, poet, singer and writer was born.

Wening Monastery 1494

The Augustiner monks supplied their esteemed, strong beer to the dukes of the Wittelsbacher until 1589, when they established their own brewery - the Hofbräuhaus.
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The first still existing copy of William Shakespeare´s Comedy, ‘Love‘s Labour‘s Lost,’ was published. It contained the longest word in all of Shakespeare´s works: ‘Honori cabilitudinitatibus’.

The Augustiner monks of Munich were among the first members of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities.
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The British Museum was established in London´s Bloomsbury district.

During the period of secularization, the monks had to leave the monastery, which was then disbanded. Following this, only the brewery remained, first under governmental administration and later private ownership. The church was used as a customs post and the convent building for the ministry of justice.
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In Paris, Robert R. Livingston, James Monroe, and François Barbé-Marbois, sign the sales contract between France and the USA, for the French colony of Louisiana. With the Louisiana purchase, the territory of the United States was doubled. Later in that year, in Cabildo, New Orleans, the colony was officially handed over.

The brewery was relocated to the Neuhauser Street, due to a dilapidated state.
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In 1817, the sports club of Mainz was founded. Today it is the third-oldest of the existing sports clubs in Germany.

Anton Wagner 1844

Anton and Therese Wagner, members of a brewing dynasty from Altaching near Freising, acquired the brewery. Since then it has remained a family owned private brewery.
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In Vienna, Cyrill Demian together with his sons Karl and Gido, received a privilege (patent) for the invention of the accordion.

The image shows an Augustiner beer stall in the year 1867; however, for how long Augustiner beer has been served at the Octoberfest and on how many beer-stalls is not known.
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The Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel applied for a patent for dynamite, which he had invented in 1866.

The brewery moved, once the new building at the Landsberger Street was completed.
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Despite strong competition, Johannes Hermann Zukertort won a chess tournament in London, playing against Wilhelm Steinitz. Three years later the two players battled in the first chess world championship.

Introduction of the beer variety, ‘Edelstoff.’
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A residential building programme, named New Frankfurt, started under the guidance of Ernst May. In this context, a predecessor of today´s fitted kitchen, ‘the Frankfurt Kitchen,’ was developed.

Since 1987, among the six breweries at the Oktoberfest, the Augustiner brewery is the only one left, which serves beer from wooden barrels.
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The US President Ronald Reagan attended the 750 year anniversary of West Berlin. In his public speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate, he asked the General Secretary of the Soviet Union, Michail Gorbachev, to ‘Tear down this wall!’ and suggested for the Olympic Games to be held in both parts of the city.

Edith Haberland-Wagner, the last family member with the last name Wagner and principal owner of the brewery, left her shares to the Edith-Haberland-Wagner-Foundation. The foundation now holds more than 50 percent of the Augustiner brewery and it is mainly active in the areas of youth protection, monument preservation, and promotion of the arts.
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For the third time, Germany won the European football championship at Wembley stadium, in London. Oliver Bierhoff scored the first Golden Goal in history.

With the opening of the Augustiner Klosterwirt restaurant, Augustiner beer was once more served at the place of its origin - the Augustiner monastery in Munich.
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For the first time since 1294, a pope resigned on his own account, Pope Benedikt XVI. In March, for the first time in history, a pope from South America was elected bishop of Rome, Pope Francis.

After a one-year renovation period, the historic restaurant, ‘Augustiner zur Schranke.’ opened at the Tiergärtnertor.
The house was most likely built in 1545. Since the 16th century, a restaurant named ‘Zur Schranke’ has been documented on the site.

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